DedicatedNOW Managed Support - our dedicated servers support services, what is included and what we offer

Server Management

Managed Servers

DedicatedNOW provides comprehensive management of your hosted infrastructure for any server in our managed server line. Our support plans provide the reassurance that your hardware is continuously backed up using our R1Soft CDP backup technology.

Semi-Managed Servers

DedicatedNOW offers value-added support plans for our legacy semi-managed line of servers. While our Managed line includes unlimited support, add-on support plans for semi-managed servers are available with 1,3 and 5 hours of server administration monthly. More detail regarding our add-on support plans for semi-managed servers is available here.

All Managed Plans Include:


  • 24/7/365 Live Onsite Support via phone and helpdesk for supported Operating Systems and Applications. (4)(5)
  • 24/7/365 Reboots free of charge.
  • Legal Adult Content Allowed.
  • Full Root Access.
  • Free OS Reinstall (Monthly, upon request).
  • Free hardware replacement upon hardware failure.
  • Free configuration of backups through DedicatedNOW supported control panel or R1soft.
  • Free Bare Metal Restores (6)


  • 100% IP Network Availability.
  • Full 10Mbps or 100Mbps Access to our core network. (2)
  • 24/7/365 Cisco Network Emergency Response.
  • Dedicated Switch Port.
  • 5 IP's standard with each server.
  • Free installation of additional IP's.


  • Applicure DotDefender (1)
  • Apache Security enhancement (mod_security).
  • On-Demand Security Assessment (Monthly, upon request).
  • OS Hardening Checkup (Quarterly, upon request).
  • Initial Security Hardening (APF/BFD Firewall, /tmp hardening, Rootkit Hunter).
  • Catch PHP nobody Spammers.
  • Compromised Server Recovery (DedicatedNOW will format a new HD, reinstall supported software and assist with account restoration from the compromised drive).
  • Free Security upgrades upon customer request.
  • Free assistance to help users track down abuse occurring on their servers.
  • Free installation of software based firewall rules to help block attacks.


  • Free minor troubleshooting of OS or control panel.
  • Free control panel updates of any DedicatedNOW supplied control panel.
  • Free disabling of any incorrectly customer configured firewall.
  • Free repair of any OS / pre-installed software causing system / software break.
  • Free Installation of Apache, Perl, PHP, MySQL, SSH, DNS, POP3, SMTP and Webmail. (3)
  • Free updates and patches for supported and pre-installed software upon request.
  • 15 Minutes Third Party Application Install and Support(9).


  1. 1. Denotes an applicable monthly fee for licensing costs.
  2. 2. Denotes an additional $10/mo charge for this upgrade.
  3. 3. Does not include installation of Zen/IonCube or customized PHP configurations.
  4. 4. Advanced Windows support is available only during business hours, 10AM - 6PM
  5. 5. Supported Operating Systems: Centos 4 (32 or 64), Centos 5 (32 or 64), FreeBSD
  6. 6. Requires R1soft account
  7. 7. Supported Server Management is limited to the aforementioned services.
  8. 8. Server Management available with cPanel and Plesk servers. Server Management may be added to servers with no control panel for $20/month.
  9. 9. Our admin team will provide 15 minutes of support time per incident to install or support any 3rd party app. If required, additional time will be billed at $80/hour and our admins will provide a time estimate prior to providing additional paid support.

Management Supported Software:

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Centos Latest - 32 or x64
  • FreeBSD Latest - 32 or x64
  • Windows 2003 - Web, standard, enterprise
  • Windows 2008 - Standard, Enterprise

Supported Control Panels:

  • CPanel - CentOS / FreeBSD
  • Plesk - CentOS / Windows

Supported Software Firewalls:

  • APF
  • CSF
  • BFD
  • DotDefender

Supported Add-on Software:

  • Apache 2.0, 2.2
  • LightHTTPD
  • PHP 5
  • Mysql 4.X, 5.X
  • Exim
  • Qmail
  • Sendmail
  • Courier
  • Vpopmail
  • Bind
  • PureFTPD
  • VSFtpd
  • Horde Webmail
  • Squirrel Webmail
  • LiteSpeed Load Balancer
  • LiteSpeed Web Server