Complex Hosting

At DedicatedNOW, we believe that managed hosting services should be provided to each customer individually and made to fit the custom needs and requirements of each business. And that is precisely what our complex hosting is: a custom solution that we help you create and deploy.

What Our Complex Hosting Offers

DedicatedNOW complex hosting provides a blank canvas that customers can use to paint the picture of the hosting service they desire. You tell us what you want, and we make it happen. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive suite of managed services that you can include in your complex hosting plan, such as:

Managed Cloud Hosting

A scalable, highly-customizable cloud environment that enables you to run any app or website you want with ease.

Advanced Server Management

We provide server management for both Linux and Windows and handle all technical aspects for you.

Off-site Backups

Ensure the safety of your data and website with our daily R1Soft CDP off-site backup option.

Multiple Support Tiers

On top of our Dynamic Support, we also provide ManagedNOW Support, with many additional benefits and support features.

Load Balancing and Clustering

We use LiteSpeed load balancing and clustering to enhance redundancy and ensure that your website is always available, even if your server experiences hardware failure.

Managed Firewalls

We supply you with managed firewalls and protect your websites and applications.

If you are interested in our solutions and want to know more, feel free to call us on our toll-free number 866-221-0596 Or