We have facilities in New York, New Jersey, Texas, and London, UK

Data Center Equipment

Juniper Switches and Routers
Latest-generation Intel Chips
Western Digital and Seagate Hard Drives
Internet Backbones

Internet Backbones

At DedicatedNOW, we use Tier-1 providers and Internet Exchanges to provide the fastest and most reliable Internet backbones with multiple points of redundancy.

Redundant Power Supply

Our data centers use UPS systems to provide redundant power supplies with an Inline power backup. Additionally, our on-site generators have four-day standby fuel. So, in case of power outages, our power management system instantly fuels the generator and transfers power to our UPS for charging.

Moreover, our UPS systems constantly control and monitor power quality to ensure that all equipment receives clean power at all times. We also test our UPS and generators weekly to make sure that they are delivering maximum reliability.

Data Center Features

Redundant Cooling Systems

We use multiple AC units to ensure that our servers are kept at optimal temperatures to improve working conditions and prevent overheating.

Fire Suppression

We ensure your systems are safe by using an efficient, double interlock pre-action fire suppression system with over 500 heat, smoke, flame, and critical detectors.


Our data center is secured and guarded 24/7/365 via digital surveillance and closed-circuit cameras that cover the interior and exterior of our facility. Also, we restrict access to unauthorized personnel using keycard locks and biometric palm scans.