Managed Cloud Servers

Enjoy our managed cloud environment, and let us take care of everything. Choose the plan and resources that you need, and rest assured that you will have an expert support team to manage your server while you focus on your business.

We Provide

Fully managed environment - we take care of everything
Dynamic 24/7 Support
cPanel, Enhance or and Plesk Control Panels
Support for Linux and Windows OS
DDoS Mitigation
100% Uptime Guarantee

Fully-Managed, Reliable, and Safe

Leave the footwork to our experts, and let us take care of the technical aspects. As part of our managed services, we provide complete server management, off-site backups, security hardening, and 24/7 monitoring. So never worry again about downtime and latency issues with our redundant 100%-owned optical network.

Server Management Methodology

All our servers are fully backed by our Dynamic Support team, which is on-site 24/7 to ensure you experience no downtime and help you customize your servers as you wish.

LiteSpeed Web Servers

We use LiteSpeed web servers to provide you with blazing-fast performance, security, scalability, and load balancing.

Email Management

You can take your pick from the numerous mail transfer agents we support and make email management easy. Exim, Qmail, and Sendmail are among the several agents we provide.

Remote Server Access

Use our KVM over IP solution to stay connected to your server at all times and have complete control every step of the way, no matter where you are.

DedicatedNOW Managed Cloud Server Features

We aim to provide the best managed service experience, one server at a time.


Free SSL Certificates

Free Unlimited SSL certificates for every domain pointed to our managed servers

DDoS Mitigation

Enjoy proactive DDoS prevention to help protect your site against attacks.

Full System Security Lockdown

We perform total system security lockdown on each managed server, which includes hardening, BFD installation and response, and Apache tuning.

Managed Firewalls

As part of our partnership with Cisco, we offer managed firewalls that will filter your Internet traffic and regulate it according to custom security policies.


Load Balancing

We use LiteSpeed load balancing to enhance redundancy, so even if you experience hardware failure on one server, we will redirect your visitors and site to another redundant server.


This process works together with load balancing and virtualizes the resources of several servers to be used in a single application.

Uptime SLA

All managed servers come with a 100% uptime guarantee, ensuring that your website with experience no downtime.

Dedicated Environment

With our managed cloud servers, all the resources you get all only yours to use, and you don't share hardware with anyone else.


Off-site Backups

All DedicatedNOW managed servers come with 50 GB R1Soft CDP backups which also support bare-metal backup and restore of Windows and Linux servers.

Redundant Cisco Network

Our 100% redundant Cisco network uses Tier-1 Internet backbones to connect each server to the redundant core routers.

IP Addresses

Each server gets up to 5 standard IPs, with free installation of additional IPs.

Instant Setup

Our experts are here to help you set everything up and deploy your servers in 3-5 business days.

Apps and Software


Run your PHP apps and websites with ease on your server and use the latest PHP version.


All DedicatedNOW servers support the latest MySQL version, which you can use to manage your databases


Each server includes a built in firewall which protects websites and intranet applications against hacking and web application attacks.

Manageged DNS

We provide an anycast managed DNS setup so you can point your domains to our whitelabel redundant DNS cluster.

Use the Most Powerful Control Panels

Use the Most Powerful Control Panels

Take control of your managed server and perform all of your tasks from one place. As partners with cPanel, Enhance, and Plesk, we work closely with the provider and offer these popular control panels across all Linux server platforms.

All panels provide you with an intuitive dashboard and user-friendly graphical interface from which you can manage and configure your websites and emails.

But what about Windows users? At DedicatedNOW, no one is left behind! We provide the Plesk control panel for all Windows servers.

Award-Winning Customer Support

Award-Winning Customer Support

All of our managed servers come with our Dynamic Support, which is filled with experts and technicians that are here to help you customize your server and fix any issue you might have 24/7. You can reach our customer support team via live chat, mail, ticket system, and phone.

Of course, no service is truly managed without managed support. At DedicatedNOW, we take it a step further and provide three unique support options which can be tailored to your needs.

In addition to our Dynamic Support, our ManagedNOW support option is also included with every DedicatedNOW managed server.

About Our Technology

All of our servers are configured to deliver optimized performance. We ensure maximum availability via our 100% redundant Cisco network that uses Tier-1 Internet backbones to keep your website online at all times. We also monitor our network around the clock and have access to the 24/7/365 Cisco Network Emergency Response to ensure that your network never fails.

Rapid Cloud Deployment

Set up your cloud with ease and get it up and running instantly by using our managed cloud solution with the OnApp engine.

Enteprise-Grade Hardware

Take advantage of top-quality hardware from the best brands, including Cisco, Intel, Western Digital, and Seagate.


We strive to become a more efficient, carbon-negative provider. We use renewable energy wherever possible and expect our partners to do the same.