There is no better way to prove the quality of our services than by hearing from the customers themselves. Here's what a few of them had to say:

Everything is back up, working, and password has been reset. Thanks for probably the best customer service experience I've EVER received from a compan... show more


First off a general statement- These guys are GREAT! Great price for the specs alone, let alone the quality of service. Network is amazing. Everyone t... show more

Bob M.

By the way, I'd like to let you know that since I chose computer science as my major, I've been jogging from datacenter to datacenter to find a reliab... show more

Payam T.

I currently have 4 servers spread across three different cities and providers, my DedicatedNow server is by far the most reliable out of them all. The... show more

Adam S.

Many thanks, and by the way, I've been extremely satisfied with the server since I moved with you guys. Not a single downtime or problem whatsoever. A... show more

Yves T.

After I appeared on the Tyra Banks show for my site, www.popthatzit.com, my site was swamped with traffic. The crew at dedicatednow kept my server run... show more


In the end, I wrote a ticket to DedicatedNow (this wasn't their job, but I hoped they could help me). They solved my problem... Thanks again to the De... show more


Thank you very much! You guys are once again proving to have the best service in the industry. I just want to thank you guys for paying so much attent... show more

Derrick B.

For the record, I love everything about DedicateNow, and the support is unbelievable. I give everyone @ DedNow props :) Great company. Thanks again.